Caught-in-the-Moment: WPAI Photo Theme Roundup

A collection of images that were caught-in-the-moment

All wedding photographers out there will agree that there’s barely time to breathe when we’re shooting a wedding. Between capturing every ceremony, taking portraits, shooting intimate moments, to running after where the action is, we’re always moving. Indian weddings are so action-packed that you look away for 30 seconds and you’ve missed a moment. And as people who the couple has trusted to capture one of the most special days of their lives, we cannot afford to miss even a millisecond.

We know that spontaneous and unscripted moments make the best wedding memories. That’s why we wait for those moments that happen in the blink of an eye and it’s capturing those moments that our clients trust us with and love us for. The glance that a couple shares during a ceremony, that unexpected water splash during a haldi ceremony, a moment of respite during the wedding. Wedding photography is all about capturing these moments and everything in between. And as much as it’s about capturing a beautiful story in an ordinary moment, it’s also about seeing it from a different perspective. In this post, we will look at images that were captured at juuust the right moment or taken from a perspective that added a new dimension to the image.

Here are a few images from our WPAI library that may inspire you to go out and give your best!

Image by Nitin Dangwal



Image by Karan Sidhu


Image by Prasheila Lookhar


Image by Kartik Jasti


Image by Rishabh Sood


Image by Abhimanyu Sharma


Image by Jatin Thakkar


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