Framed Moments: WPAI Photo Theme Roundup

A collection of images that use shoot-through frames to draw attention to the subject

We are not doing justice to our profession if we’re not constantly improving and evolving our work. Trying new techniques is not just a way of providing a better product to the client but also a means to constantly challenge ourselves as artists. And one of the ways to do it is using framing as a technique to create something remarkable.

Simply defined, framing is the technique of drawing attention to a certain subject by blocking other parts of the image with or through something. It adds depth and context to your image by adding something in the fore and background of your subject. Now you can use anything to create a frame within your frame – a window, arches/doorways, trees/leaves, an interesting architectural space, moving objects, other inanimate objects, light, and even humans! The objects you use to frame your subject could surround them from all sides, or it could also be just on two sides of your shot. It’s not necessary to use something in the foreground as a frame, but in this post, we are going to look at examples where shoot-through foreground framing adds more to the image.

Here are a few images from our WPAI library that may inspire you to go out and experiment with your style.

Image by Kartik Jasti


Image by Divyam Mehrotra


Image by Amit Puri


Image by Sutanu Parh


Image by Mahima Bhatia


Image by Pramod Mitta


shoot-through frames wedding photography
Image by Prashaunth Jagannathan


Image by Anirban



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