Reflections: WPAI Photo Theme Roundup

A collection of some amazing images that use reflection

As wedding photographers, we try to make each wedding we shoot special for the couple. When we’re shooting a wedding, our only focus is to do justice to their story and capture it beautifully. We constantly try and experiment with techniques and camera gear to improve our photography. We aspire to be bigger and better every time.

Using reflections to create images can give a whole new perspective and depth to a story. Shooting a wedding requires you to see a couple’s story from different angles and make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. The great part about including the technique is that it will add a whole new dimension to your photography. It gives you the opportunity of adding something more to the frame, which one would not normally see. You can use reflective surfaces like mirrors, glasses and water bodies to create drama in your image, add a new perspective, show different sides of the same image, or capture more than one action in the frame.

Here are a few images from our WPAI library that may inspire you to go out and experiment with your photography style.

Image by Ravi Mistry


Image by Aditya Marathe


Image by Pramod Mitta


Image by Prateek Gour


Image by Sneha Kar


Image by Prasheila Lookhar


Image by Dhruv Ashra


Image by Divyam Mehrotra


Image by Ranjan Zingade


Image by Anbu Jawahar

Cover Image Credit: Pramod Mitta