Wedding Photography and Cinematography Trends of 2017

A look at 2017’s biggest wedding photography and cinematography trends

Wedding photography has come a long way from when the family was lined up on the stage to take ‘smile-pose-click’ pictures to today, when capturing real moments has become the norm. Since the renaissance of Indian wedding photography in 2008-2009, wedding photography no longer follows the textbook style of creating images. Photographers today are experimenting more and more with different styles, technique, camera gear and genres of photography. Wedding photographers are increasingly creating images that reflect their individual style.

As another fantastic year draws to a close, here’s a look at some of the trends that dominated the Indian wedding photography and cinematography industry in 2017.

#1: Photojournalistic style

Photo by Vardaan Malhotra


Wedding photography has seen a progression from the generic meet-smile-click template to “candid” wedding photography and is now maturing to the photo-journalistic style of shooting wedding. Therefore, it’s not just about taking unposed (candid) pretty, happy or emotional pictures anymore. The photo-journalistic style records raw and authentic moments while establishing a story.

“More and more people are getting aware of photo-journalistic style of photography,” says Radhika Pandit, a wedding photographer based in Ahmedabad.

Nitin Dangwal from Shutterink Photography adds that their style of photography is now moving towards creating meaningful images that capture real moments.

#2: Layered Storytelling

Photo by Abhimanyu Sharma


The focus is shifting from taking just candid, pretty pictures to images that tell stories. And wedding photographers from the industry agree.

“There is a lot of focus on layered storytelling, stories within stories or deeper meaning of photographs. Where you actually look at a picture and you try and understand that there are probably two layers of story going on at the same place,” says Saketesh Mohapatra, the man behind the wedding photography company Fotografia9.

#3: Environmental Portraits

Photo by Radhika Pandit


2017 has been a year of larger-than-life images! Indian wedding photographers are increasingly leaning towards capturing environmental portraits that give a sense of space and bring out the grandeur of the surroundings.

Radhika comments, “I take a lot of wide shots, I incorporate a lot of architecture. Sometimes my figures are small, somewhere in the frame. And this is what people have been liking. They would rather spend a lot of time in planning the theme, the dressing and then let the photographer do those kinds of pictures which cannot be replicated again.”

#4: Sound Design

Niharika + Abhiroop | Kasauli Wedding from Shutterdown Photography on Vimeo.


Sound has been another important part of the change this year. Wedding cinematographers paid attention to ambient and organic sounds on locations. Rather than a song glossing over all the background noise in a wedding film, now there is a conscious effort to use more naturally recorded sounds – actual conversations between people during and in between the events, the rustling of clothes, music performances & speeches from a sangeet and so on.

“… personally the films that I have loved have been lot of teams who have been doing amazing sound design and instead of following the cliché formulae of interviews and montages have been using sound design very intelligently by incorporating real dialogues and bloopers in the wedding films to give the real feeling of the chaos and the energy in our Indian weddings,” says Shreya Sen, a wedding photographer based in Mumbai.

#5: Stop Motion Videos

Stop Motion save the date HeMetPri from Reelsandframes on Vimeo.


We’ve also seen photographers merging photography with technology to create quirky stop-motion animation videos in the last year. These definitely pique the audiences’ interest and make for fun memories of the wedding, pre-wedding or the couple story in general.

Anand Rathi’s Reels and Frames created a stop motion save the date video for a couple this year, “This was fun because it was sort of a photography technique being combined to add fun to the video.”

#6: Dramatic Lighting

Photo by Karan Sidhu


This year has also seen a shift from the naturally light-filled and evenly lit photos to dramatic and mood lighting, especially for portraits as well as dance/party shots.  Wedding photographers this year have experimented a lot with light – artificial and natural – to create stunning images. In addition, the market saw a huge influx of and demand for light modifiers by the likes of MadMod and Godox. And, not to forget, the increased use of light props like fairy lights and ice lights.

All in all, it’s been an exciting year. Experimentation has been the key. Whether it was in terms of technique, composition, lighting, gear or themes. We have had some fabulous photo-festivals over this past year and collaborations between great photographers. The wedding photography community is definitely charged up towards reinventing themselves and creating magnificent images. There is a drive in the community for each one to make their place in the industry and establish a unique identity. And we couldn’t be happier about it! We are absolutely looking forward to new innovations in the coming year.

Do you have any predictions for 2018’s wedding photography and cinematography trends? Drop us a comment if you know what is going to take the industry by storm next!

Cover Image Credit: Prashant Nahata



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