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5 Reasons Why You Should Participate in WPAI Awards

As creative professionals, we all share many of the same concerns. From client management angst, to finding the mind-space to maintain creativity during hectic wedding shoots; from drowning in bread-and-butter shots to the quest for new inspiration on a regular basis; from marketing our services to rising above the current clutter and price wars in our field and so much more.

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One of the biggest sources of conflict, in our opinion, is being torn between confidence in our art, knowing that we are exceptional at what we do and seeking validation from others. Because we are not just artists, we are also commercial photographers – we are commissioned to shoot weddings for an agreed price. So as much as we love taking and making photographs for the sake of our soul, true validation of our wedding photography is the love and excitement we get from delighted couples when they receive their photos; it is also when couples are willing to pay the price you demand because they believe that you are worth it; and, of course, an award here and there isn’t a bad form of validation either. A pat on the back never hurts!

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So what does WPAI Awards have to do with this?

Well that’s exactly what we are trying to work towards. The overarching aim is to showcase a body of work that sets the benchmark for Exceptional Wedding Photography in India. A body of work that can inspire amateur wedding photographers; a body of work that can stand out and that couples can aspire to for their weddings; a body of work that is based on merit, skill, photographic excellence and one that is transparent and fair. Because WPAI will never charge for special, featured, handpicked lists, the way to get ahead is by winning awards and bragging about them.

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But when we have Fearless & ISPWP, why should we participate in the WPAI Awards?

At no point and in no way have we said that you should not be a part of international bodies for photographers. Of course you should. The more awards and more recognition you get, the better.

But WPAI is closer to home – we have worked on a model that is made in India, for India. The aim is to raise the bar for the entire community, from within the wedding photographers community in India. No one understands the complexities and challenges of Indian weddings like Indian Wedding Photographers. Having Indian weddings featured amidst international white weddings is definitely a novelty and an honour. But to create magic from within the chaos that is a 3-day Indian wedding and to stand out from 250,000 other Indian Wedding Photographers just like you is an achievement of a different level altogether.

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Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Do you want to be a part of a vibrant, inspirational community of Wedding Photographers, to inspire and be inspired?
  2. Do you want to be able to rise above the price wars and be desired by couples for your art and your signature style?
  3. Do you want your work to be showcased amongst the very best in the country and be considered a front-runner in setting the benchmark for Exceptional Wedding Photography in India?

If you answered YES to even 1 of the 3 questions, then you MUST participate in the WPAI Awards.

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Still not convinced? Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Participate in WPAI Awards:

  1. Raise the Bar: You get to be a part of the select few who set the benchmark and raise the bar for Wedding Photography in India. Instead of wedding portals educating couples about what good wedding photography is, you get to do it.
  2. Inspire & Be Inspired: Awards maintain a healthy level of competition in the market. It is a way to keep challenging ourselves to be better,  to do better, to inspire others and be inspired by our peers.
  3. Awards Showcase: Award winning entries to the WPAI Contests will be showcased in the Award Winning Gallery. Because WPAI will not be charging for featured, handpicked or special listings, the Award Winning Gallery is the definitive, transparent and fair showcase for the very best wedding photographers in India.
  4. Unique Showcase: The WPAI Inspiration Gallery and Award Winning Gallery are unique in the sense that it is created by photographers, for photographers. They showcase the very best Wedding Photography in India without the clutter of “wedding vendors” like Planners, Florists, Mehendi Artists etc.
  5. Bragging Rights: And, of course, we saved the best for last. It’s always nice to talk about winning awards, isn’t it? Whether as a marketing tool for your clients, as an inspiration to others or simply to get likes on social media – an award is an award is an award! It’s always awesome.

So come. Be a part of the change. The renaissance of Indian Wedding Photography is here. It’s up to you to jump on the bandwagon and make your way to the front.

If you haven’t already, enter the Current Contest. For details and guidelines, visit this page. If you’re already clued in, then simply enter by clicking on the below link:


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