About WPAI

The WPAI is national association of the best wedding photographers in India.

Ever since the renaissance of wedding photography in India during 2008-09, the art and genre has grown exponentially over the years to become what it today. Indian wedding photographers form one of the largest photographer-communities in the world – and the time is right for us all to come together to collaborate and take wedding photography in India into the next decade. 

The WPAI is led by a steering committee – a collective of some of the best known names in Indian Wedding Photography. Having been integral to pioneering the genre in India, they are now amongst the photographers who are at the forefront of the development of the industry – and via the WPAI, hope to continue to help Indian Wedding Photography grow from it’s infancy to it’s rightful place as amongst the best in the world.

The broad mission for the WPAI is twofold:

  1. To drive the betterment of Indian Wedding Photography by helping photographers take better pictures. Some of the ways the WPAI hopes to contribute towards the combined enhancement of Indian Wedding Photography styles is to encourage photographers to think creatively and fearlessly; and to bring together the best under one roof to foster collaboration and friendly competitions.
  2. The WPAI also aims to introduce Indian brides, grooms and their families to thought leading photographers and better styles of photography via it’s directory and social media showcases. The WPAI encourages discerning couples to browse through our resources and directory of photographers to find the perfect fit for your unique day. The WPAI also will introduce the evolution of wedding photography in India to the general public via photography exhibitions and other outreach programmes.

The WPAI also has some of the finest minds in photography as part of it’s advisory panel. These eminent photographers contribute their time, experience and knowledge to help the WPAI govern excellence in Indian wedding photography. To know more about the advisory panel, please click here.

To know more about the WPAI, browse through our FAQs (for photographers) and the FAQs (for brides and grooms).