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WPAI x Pre-Wedding Shoots

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult for photographers to execute pre-wedding shoots in the cities we live in. We’ve all faced official apathy, bureaucratic guards, tough times with cops and so on. We’ve been told that we need “permission” to shoot. We’ve been made to run from pillar to post securing requisite permissions and clearances, and still been denied entry by local authorities because photography isn’t “allowed“. This situation is just getting worse, and at the end of the day – it’s our art that suffers. It’s the client who doesn’t get the best possible experience with their photographer because we’re forced to shoot on the sly or grease palms to get what we want.

The WPAI is committed to streamlining the industry, and in doing so, working towards fixing issues that we all face by uniting wedding photographers in India under a common umbrella. We plan on approaching the relevant authorities to help bring about a change.

We need your help

To start with, we plan on taking up the issue of pre-wedding shoots with the ASI (which has recently issued orders banning pre-wedding shoots at monuments that come under their jurisdiction). Please fill the form below to pledge your support towards this cause – and give us your feedback or suggestions that will help solve this issue. If you have nothing to add, please fill the form to list your support towards this cause. This is an all-India issue, and if we are able to secure permission from the ASI towards pre-wedding shoots, this will benefit photographers across India. For updates on this as it happens, please follow the WPAI Facebook Page here.