Aditya Marathe

Studio Name : WhatKnot Photography
City : Mumbai
Contact : (771) 000-6535
Email : [email protected]
Website :


Aditya is a Computer Science engineer and an MBA. Going exactly by his qualification, he is known to be a total geek.

He took to photography 7 years back when he got his first DSLR. He is one of those guys who loves to talk technical. ISOs, f-stops, shutter speeds, EVs, metering etc. etc. But when on shoots, he prefers to let his camera do all the talking. He has covered the TEDx Gateway 2013 and 2014 Mumbai events as Photographer. He has worked as a consultant in one of the Big 4 consulting giants, but photography remains his true passion.

Min Price Range:

Rs. Less than 1 Lakh per day

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Services Offered:

Candid Photography , Traditional Photography , Cinematography

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