Ashish Vengurlekar

Studio Name : Wedding Stories by Ashish
City : Maharashtra , Mumbai
Contact : (996) 768-8897
Email : [email protected]
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I have always had what social media today would refer to as, a rather trending career with many many colourful and extreme professional choices ranging from playing professional cricket at the Under 19 level to giving it all up to teach Graphics, Animation and Design to working as a Project Lead with MTDC, to various professional opportunities with various temple trusts to being a Professional Trainer with HDFC Life Insurance.
Opportunities though in abundance, somewhere made me feel like there was something more that I was meant to do .They say that life gives you many choices , but it is you who has to find your true calling ! I found my calling and took the plunge ,quit my corporate job at HDFC and decided to pursue my passion for photography.

Min Price Range:

Rs. Less than 1 Lakh Per Day

Services Offered:

Candid Photography , Traditional Photography

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