Divyam Mehrotra

Studio Name : Weddingrams
City : Delhi NCR
Contact : (995) 849-0943
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.weddingrams.com


My name is Divyam Ramji Mehrotra. If you are wondering what’s with the two names – the second name is my Dad’s because he will always remain an inseparable part of my existence. I am a photographer and I love to capture beauty, emotions, time and everything endearing there is, with this tiny little magical device (it’s not so tiny), my camera. And somewhere along the way, my love for art and photography evolved into Weddingrams – a full time candid and destination wedding photography boutique. Because hey! What’s better than a wedding where happiness, laughter, fun, beautiful people, beautiful settings and a flurry of emotions, all come together.

Min Price Range:

Rs. 1 to 2 Lakhs per day

Awards Won: See award winning photos


Services Offered:

Candid Photography , Traditional Photography , Cinematography

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