Glactin Graces

Studio Name : Scarlet Weddings
City : Delhi NCR
Contact : 9011038403
Email : [email protected]
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A former game designer and tech guru, Glax is edgy and rustic in his concepts and unapologetically enjoys a dark sense of humor. He has a knack to creatively play well with light and create vivid, dramatic stories. However he leaves no stone unturned to satiate his creative cravings through his impeccable photography. Challenging the norm is his approach towards photography. He connects brilliantly well with his muses and brings alive even their hidden elements afore. Weddings for him are fantasy intertwined with reality, hence his work derives inspiration from Fashion and photojournalism. He loves posing the couple and as he puts it himself, “a slight sliver of light makes all the difference between a moment and The Moment”

Min Price Range:

Rs. Less than 1 Lakh per day

Services Offered:

Candid Photography , Cinematography

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