Priyanshu Bhargava

Studio Name : Gaatha by Priyanshu Bhargava
City : Pune
Contact : 9075677445
Email : [email protected]
Website :


I am passionate about two things: Culture and Design. Be it food, a beautiful room, a pretty dress or a well developed park – I am fascinated by the human ability to create stunning spaces and moments. All this is especially enhanced in a wedding which is both aesthetically and emotionally charged and allows him to curate exquisite frames.
I am a mechanical engineer but my love for art and photography made me channelise my hobby into this full fledged company Gaatha. I often travels to the places less explored. If not camera, then you will find game pad in my hand, always up for a game of FIFA.

Min Price Range:

Rs. Less than 1 Lakh Per Day

Services Offered:

Candid Photography , Traditional Photography , Cinematography

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