Richa Kashelkar

Studio Name : Richa Kashelkar
City : Goa
Contact : 9833865085
Email : [email protected]
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In the profession for more than six years and with a design background, I choose to look at the most important and honest reason behind taking photographs- preserving invaluable moments. Originally from Mumbai but currently based out of Goa, I shoot along with my husband Pavan, and we document genuine though subtle emotions and memories. We aren’t as much about the jazz and latest trends as about the tenderness and love so inherent in any important celebration. As someone who doesn’t like or understand artificiality and gimmicks in real life, our photographs reflect who we are as people- sincere, fun and with no tolerance for the fake. Our attempt is always to create a meaningful narrative of the weddings we shoot- as closely but unobtrusively as we can, so that when you see these photos many years later, you will be looking back through time at your own wedding as it happened.

Min Price Range:

Rs. 1 to 2 Lakhs per day

Services Offered:

Candid Photography

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