Shreya Sen

Studio Name : Shreya Sen Photography
City : Maharashtra , Mumbai
Contact : 9920498808
Email : [email protected]
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Shreya Sen Photography was born out of an extension of observing and studying human emotions and relationships for many years. After graduating from York University, Toronto and returning to India, it became a nagging need to be more than just a silent observer. Hence it was a conscious decision to be a part of these stories of love, happiness and life. To capture and share these rich and memorable experiences made possible through this lovely device, the camera. If you asked us to describe our style in two words it would be ‘minimal’ & ‘ Meaningful’. We are striving minimalists in our compositions and editing. Love our images to look fresh, bright yet carry a certain elegance and lightness to it.

Min Price Range:

Rs. 1 to 2 Lakhs per day

Services Offered:

Candid Photography , Traditional Photography , Cinematography

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