WPAI Awards Season 3 Winners

The Wedding Photographers Association of India is proud to announce the results of the WPAI Awards, Season 3. With more than 1200 entries received, the decision-making process was extremely tough for the contest judges.  We would like to thank the hundreds of photographers who submitted their work for the contest and would like to affirm that we saw some GREAT work from all the entrants and encourage photographers to keep submitting their work for all future contests to better their chances of winning.

Contest Prizes

Thank you for being a part of the change and the collective development of the Wedding Photography community in India! Congratulations to all the winners! We look forward to your continued participation in future contests.

WPAI Members are entitled to promote their win in any way they deem fit and can carry the WPAI Award motif on their winning images.

WPAI Awards Season 3 Winners from WPAI on Vimeo.


We’re so pleased to announce the Season 3 Platinum Award Winner – Nikhil Shastri. Congratulations on winning the Fujifilm XT2 kit worth INR 1,50,000 and 3 years subscription to Eventila Pro worth INR 60,000!

The winners per category (in no particular order) are listed below.

Category 1: Artistic Black and White

Artistic Black and White. Images that come alive in b/w.

Gold: Karthik R Yadav (WPAI Profile coming soon)
Silver: Divyam Mehrotra (WPAI Profile coming soon)
Silver: Prasheila Lookhar (WPAI Profile)


Special Mention: Nitin Arora
Special Mention: Mahima Bhatia

Category 2: Celebration

Images that capture the joy of Indian Weddings.

Gold: Nikhil Shastri (WPAI Profile coming soon)
Silver: Abhimanyu Sharma (WPAI Profile)
Silver: Divyam Mehrotra (WPAI Profile coming soon)


Special Mention: Lakshya Chawla
Special Mention: Saurabh Rungta

Category 3: Colour

Images where the photographer worked with and looked for elements that made the frame rich and vibrant.

Gold: Rimi Sen (WPAI Profile coming soon)
Silver: Lakshya Chawla (WPAI Profile)
Silver: Prasheila Lookhar(WPAI Profile)


Special Mention: Divyam Mehrotra
Special Mention: Kinjal Majithia

Category 4: Details

Photographs that highlight the little things that usually get lost in a wedding.


Gold: Vivek Gnanasekaran (WPAI Profile)
Silver: Abhimanyu Sharma (WPAI Profile)
Silver: Kartik Jasti (WPAI Profile)


Special Mention: Ankit Goel
Special Mention: Prasheila Lookhar

Category 5: Layers

Stories within stories.

Gold: Nitin Dangwal (WPAI Profile)
Silver: Abhimanyu Sharma (WPAI Profile)
Silver: Rimjhim Bora (WPAI Profile)

Special Mention: Karan Sidhu
Special Mention: Mahima Bhatia

Category 6: Moments

That small moment that usually happens for an instant.

Gold: Nikhil Shastri (WPAI Profile Coming Soon)
Silver: Lakshay Chawla (WPAI Profile)
Silver: Ujjwal Vanvari (WPAI Profile Coming Soon)


Special Mention: Vivek Kashyap
Special Moment: Ankit Goel

Category 7: Portrait

Classic bride/groom portraits, but done differently.

Gold: Vivek Chandrashekar (WPAI Profile Coming Soon)
Silver: Rahul Shah (WPAI Profile)
Silver: Nitin Dangwal (WPAI Profile)


Special Mention: Nikhil Shastri
Special Mention: Priyanshu Bhargava