WPAI Contests

“It’s not about being the best…it’s about being better than you were yesterday”

Do you have what it takes to have your photos recognised amongst the best in the country?

WPAI contests are all about the photos. Photos that jump out of the page; that are so extraordinary that you cannot help but realise that they define it’s genre; photos that have been made with blood, sweat and tears…and sometimes, a little bit of luck. WPAI contests encourage all the photographers to pit their best work against the best of the best; not just for bragging rights, but for a reality check and recognition of their work within the peer community.

Contest also help to-be-married couples get a glimpse of the best work happening in India right NOW. Work that transcends standard twirls and cliched lehenga shots. These images help discerning couples find raw talent amongst the multitude of directories and wedding concierge services that claim to showcase the best, but often don’t.

The WPAI will actively promote all contest winners via it’s website and social media properties. The WPAI encourages contest winners to use the winner badges and all other collateral that comes out of a contest winning entry.

To see all current contests, please navigate to the new contests page.