WPAI Masters

Of all the initiatives that the WPAI has taken, the WPAI Awards have been one of the most transformational; never before has a body of photographers attempted to set a benchmark for how wedding photography should be ranked in India before – an award process for photographers, by photographers. With some stellar judges in the past, we’ve been blown away by the kind of quality work that is happening in the country.

Of course, as we continue to grow; and WPAI members grow along with us, it seemed apparent to us that we needed to create a growth path that would help Indian wedding photographers continue to pit their skill and talent against the best in the country and benefit in the long run by doing so.

We are now very proud to announce the evolution of WPAI Awards by announcing the new awards structure, as well as the introduction of the WPAI Master and WPAI Grand Master award. These titles will be honorary titles that the winning photographer will be eligible to carry as a lifelong testament to their skill and commitment to their craft.

The rules for the new awards process will be as follows:

WPAI Gold, Silver, Platinum

  • These are the quarterly WPAI Awards, points from which are used to feed into the WPAI Masters programme. There will be 7 categories of entriesm each category will have 3 winners:
  • One WPAI Gold award winner = 5 masters points
  • Two WPAI Silver award winners = 3 masters points each
  • The photographer with the maximum points will be awarded the WPAI Platinum award (in addition to Silver and Gold) which will earn the photographer 10 extra masters points

WPAI Master Award

  • At the end of 4 seasons (as this starts in Season 3, at the end of Season 6) – roughly a year later, the photographer with the maximum number of points overall will be awarded the WPAI Master Award.
  • The WPAI Master award will be a lifetime award, and akin to a Photographer of the Year award, with the difference that the award is granted based on consistent performance and not on a single winning entry
  • The WPAI Master will receive extra benefits, and be included in the WPAI Hall of Fame along with a physical trophy commemorating the achievement
  • There can only be one WPAI Master every year
  • The WPAI Master will receive a trophy commensurate with the award, as well as prizes and benefits that will be announced at the time

WPAI Grand Master Award

  • The WPAI Grand Master award is a lifetime achievement award that will be extremely hard to win.
  • The WPAI Grand Master award will be awarded to the photographer who wins 3 WPAI Master awards in their lifetime (this need not be consecutive years, the moment any photographer wins their 3rd WPAI Master, they automatically become a WPAI Grand Master).
  • The WPAI Grand Master will be a lifetime honorary recognition and will take a special place in the photography community in India
  • The WPAI Grand Master will receive a trophy commensurate with the award, as well as prizes and benefits that will be announced at the time
  • There can only be one WPAI Grand Master in three years, but there can be multiple WPAI Grand Masters in the long term
The next WPAI Master will be decided at the end of WPAI Season 6. The first WPAI Grandmaster will only be eligible after 2020, and only if the same photographer wins WPAI Master three times. 


For all of you who prefer to have things presented visually, here is a quick infographic on this:

Pointers and Tips

  • Head over to the Current Contest page for more information on the current season of awards
  • Remember, the greater number of submissions increase your chances of winning multiple categories, which in turn increases your chances of scoring more points
  • Make sure you participate regularly in all seasons of WPAI Awards in order to maximise your chances of achieving a WPAI Master recognition
  • Remember that WPAI members get 7 entries free as part of their membership to the awards, so in case you’re not a member – register for membership today!

We’re very excited to see where these awards go – may the best photographer win!